Essential Items for your Grooming Kit

Essential Items for your Grooming Kit

If you own a horse, then you will know that it is your responsibility to ensure that the horse is healthy and well groomed, this is essential for not just health but the happiness of the horse as well. We have put together a list of essential grooming equipment to help keep your horse happy and healthy.

Grooming Brushes

There are a wide range of brushes available for horses, and each one has its own purpose

Body Brush

A body brush has soft bristles and is used to remove dust, dirt and loose hair from the horse’s coat, this helps to promote a healthy and shiny cost by distributing the natural oils.

Curry Comb

A curry comb is also used to remove dust, dirt and hair and is available in a variety of different shapes and sizes and sensitivity, so it’s a better choice when it comes to variety.

Dandy Brush

The dandy brush is used for removing heavy duty debris and larger particles or dirt that either the body brush or curry comb may not be able to deal with.

Face Brush

A face brush is used for gently cleaning the horse’s face, especially around the eyes and muzzle. A face brush is specifically designed to be gentler on the sensitive areas of a horse’s face, it is not advised to use a dandy brush or any brush with stiff bristles as this may hurt the horse.

Hoof Care Tools

Hoof Pick

A hoof pick is used to remove debris and packed in dirt from the sole of the hooves, this helps to prevent the horse any discomfort or potential infections from occurring.

Hoof Oil and Applicator

Believe it or not, but your horses’ hooves need to be kept moisturized in order for them to be healthy. Hoof Oil is generally accompanied by an applicator, allowing for mess free application.

Mane and Tail Care

Mane Comb/Brush

A mane brush/comb helps to untangle knots and to help keep your horse’s tail smooth, a tangled tail can be unpleasant for the horse, so regular brushing is essential.

Mane and Tail Detangler

If your horse’s tail is particularly entangled and a brush is not able to detangle, then a spray detangler will help. The detangler helps to prevent breakages and helps combing and brushing a lot easier and less stressful for the horse.

Fly Spray/ Show Sheen

Fly Spray helps keep those pesky bugs off your horse. Flies can be aggravating for your horse especially around the face and eyes, so a good fly spray like Pyranha or Equiderma is a must have on your grooming kit

Show Sheen is a great tool to keep your horse’s coat conditioned and shiny. Typically used after a bath or rinse off, although it is not a must have in the grooming box it is highly recommended, especially for your show horses.


Sponges and Towels

Always keep a selection of towels and sponges for cleaning and drying your horse. Sponges are used to clean delicate areas such as the face, whereas towels are used for drying your horse after grooming or a bath.

Grooming Tote or Box

While not necessarily essential, a grooming or tote box can help to keep all your equipment and grooming tools organized and accessible when required.

Regularly grooming your horse not only keeps them looking clean but also contributes to their health and wellbeing. By taking the time to groom your horse regularly the bond between you and your horse will strengthen ensuring a comfortable and happy life for both you and the horse.

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