Finding the Right Helmet for Horse Riding: Safety First

Finding the Right Helmet for Horse Riding: Safety First

Horse riding in any form can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience, but it is crucial that safety is paramount and kept in mind at all times. One of the most important pieces of equipment when riding a horse is a helmet. An ill-fitting or poorly manufactured riding helmet won’t offer much in terms of protection. We have put together a list of important factors to consider when buying a riding helmet.

Fit and Comfort

An ill-fitting helmet can be uncomfortable and decrease its effectiveness if an accident was to occur. We advise you to try on a new helmet before purchasing, to make sure that it is a snug fit without any pressure points around the strap. A properly fitted helmet should sit level on your head, cover your forehead and remain in the same position whilst riding a horse. A good tip when looking for a helmet is finding a helmet with MIPS Technology to keep that noggin safe! A good rule of thumb when fitting your helmet is when lifting your helmet your eyebrows should move and you should be able to move your head back and forth and your helmet should not move. There are a range of helmets available that provide adjustable straps and padding, providing additional comfort so it is more likely to be worn consistently, especially with children. Each helmet fits differently for each rider, it is recommended to come in and our customer service team can assist you in finding the perfect helmet!


Riding a horse is physically demanding, and you can quickly start to work up a sweat even when the weather is cold. Helmets with proper ventilation are designed to allow airflow to prevent you from overheating while still maintaining high safety standards. Proper ventilation will provide better comfort as well as reducing the risk of heat related discomfort during longer periods.

Style and Design

Although safety should be at the top of your list, it doesn’t mean that your helmet can’t be colorful and have a little flair. Many helmet manufacturers offer a wide range of designs to suit nearly every personal taste. A very popular helmet for custom designing is our One K Color Changing System, this helmet gives you the chance to switch out certain pieces of the helmet to your favorite color!

Durability & Maintenance

Helmets are a big investment in terms of your safety, so choosing a helmet that offers the best durability and built to last. When looking at helmets, consider the materials that it is made of, if it has a sturdy construction and has reliable and high quality straps (this will keep the helmet on your head). Once you have purchased a helmet, make sure you inspect it every time before use and if there are any signs of wear and tear and replace any parts that are damaged. Taking proper care of your helmet will extend its life and it will continue to offer maximum protection when riding. Please remember if you fall it is time to replace the helmet. You do not want to keep riding in a helmet that has gone through a crash, most brands will replace your helmet or give you a credit after a certain time frame of purchase so you can keep your head safe!

Safety Standards

The safety of your horse riding helmet should be your top priority. Always ensure that the helmet you choose meets or exceeds safety standards set by recognized organizations such as ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) or SEI (Safety Equipment Institute). Look for certifications like ASTM F1163-15 or SEI/ASTM certification labels on the helmet. These certifications guarantee that the helmet has undergone rigorous testing to provide optimal protection in case of a fall.


Horse riding helmets come in a range of price points, but remember that your safety is priceless. While it’s essential to stick to your budget, consider investing a bit more in a high-quality helmet that meets safety standards. Your helmet is your most critical piece of riding gear, and it’s not an area where you should compromise on quality. Finding the perfect helmet for horse riding is imperative in ensuring you stay safe, make sure your helmet meets the right safety standards, provides a comfortable fit as well as proper ventilation. A well maintained helmet is a small price to pay when it comes to your safety and the protection it offers. Remember a hospital bill is more expensive than investing in a good helmet!
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