The Importance of Cleaning your Tack Equipment

The Importance of Cleaning your Tack Equipment

Riding a horse can be an amazing and pleasurable experience, but it is often so much more than that, one important part is by taking care of the equipment both you and your horse use every time you go for a ride.

The care you put into your equipment is often reflected in the success of your riding. Often seen as a chore, but keeping your tack equipment clean and in good repair is a vital part of being a responsible horse owner.

Safety for you and your horse

Safety should be every horse rider’s top priority, any tack equipment that is neglected and/or dirty can hide wear and tear that compromises not only yours but the horse’s safety. Buckles, reins, and stirrups that are caked with dirt or sweat can weaken over time and potentially cause an accident. Regular cleaning and inspection can help you to identify and fix any potential issues before any injury or accident can occur.

Comfort and Performance

Clean and well maintained tack equipment is a lot more comfortable for your horse. As an example, a dirty bridle can cause chaffing and discomfort for the horse and lead to the horse becoming distracted or irritated. A happy and comfortable horse performs better, so maintaining your tack and keeping it clean will help you and the horse to have a smoother, enjoyable and comfortable ride.

Durability and longevity

Your tack equipment is an investment, regular cleaning and conditioning can help to maintain and extend the life of your gear. For example, leather can dry and crack if not properly maintained. By keeping your tack clean and maintained you reduce the need for replacing parts of your gear and save money.

Professionalism and presentation

Whether you’re riding for leisure or competition, clean and well-maintained tack reflects your commitment to the sport and your respect for your horse. It not only enhances your overall appearance but also sets a positive example for others.

Preventing health issues

Tack that isn’t frequently cleaned can accumulate not just dirt, but sweat, grime and bacteria, which over time can cause skin irritations and other health issues for your horse. By constantly cleaning your equipment you can reduce the risk of skin problems and ensure that your horse remains in good general skin health.

Top products loved by customers

We carry various brands and types of cleaning products for your tack here at Tack Shack of Ocala! You can find anything you need to keep your tack clean and healthy. For a restoration job on your tack some good handy go to’s is leather, oil, leather cleaner, and tack conditioner. If it seems that it may be too much, not a problem, come in and we clean and oil tack here in our shop!

Handy must-haves for regular maintenance on your tack are a good tack cleaner, tack conditioner and a leather balsam! You can shop all these products on our Amazon store front and shop top brands like Effax and Belvoir by Carr & Day & Martin. You can also stop in-store where you can find many other brands to keep your tack clean and conditioned!

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