Custom Made by Tack shack of Ocala

Discover all of our custom made items made right in our shop located in Ocala, FL! From paddock bags to stall guards and everything in between.

Custom Saddle Pads

Customise the trim, body and piping color, all of our pads are made in house by our expert team using the highest quality materials.

FAQs about our Custom Made products

All custom items are non-refundable, but if your halter is too big or small we can definitely do an exchange. This does not apply for our Custom Padded Leather Halters, all other halters are applicable

The best way to know your horse halter size is by using our measuring chart provided. You can measure your horses old halter and compare to our handy measuring chart.

The best way to care for your leather halter is using leather tack cleaner and tack conditioner. We sell the best tack cleaner and conditioner products like Belvoir, Effax, and many more!

Yes, leather halters can be used for turnout. All of our leather halters are breakaway which are safe for turnout. However, it’s important to check the fit regularly and remove the halter if it becomes loose or damaged to prevent injury to your horse.

Yes, many leather halters can be personalized with your horse’s name or other customizations. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your horse’s halter.

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