Leather Show/Sale Halter



    • TACK SHACK LEATHER HALTER: When it comes to a safe and beautiful option for your draft horse halter, Tack Shack Leather halters are the top of the line! Our Leather Halter is beautiful enough for a show halter for draft horses, or for turnout or training. Made from beautiful leather, durable enough for daily wear, but nice enough to be used at shows. Soft supple leather and durable, solid brass hardware makes this halter a long-lasting addition to your supplies
    • ADJUSTABLE AND EASY TO USE: Our Leather Draft horse halter is the ultimate halter for everyday use on the farm or ranch. A double buckle crown and Adjustable Chin allows for maximum adjustability and fit. A flat throat with a throat snap makes putting the halter on or off easy, while also allowing for ease when clipping the face
    • DESIGNED WITH DRAFT HORSES IN MIND: The measurements are as follows from hardware to hardware: Nose 15.25 inches. Throat 21 inches. Cheek 10.50 inches. Gullet 7 inches. Crown is 28 inches. Chin is Adjustable (These Measurements are BEFORE hardware)
  • MADE ENTIRELY IN THE USA: Our Draft horse halters are made entirely in the USA. Our Leatherworkers in our Leather Shop select the highest quality leather and hardware for your halter. Hand Stitched and Oiled for suppleness. Your halter is made to last many years
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST SINCE 1987: Tack Shack of Ocala makes all of our Halters in house, from the finest quality. Know that your Halter was made for the horse lover, BY horse lovers! Designed to be a beautiful Halter that is both functional and long lasting
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