Custom Leather Products

Our list of Custom Leather Products for your horse includes, Padded Halters (you pick the color!), matching Leads or Shanks, Neck Straps, Stallion and Track Halters, etc. We also make many custom leather products for you, Belts, Key Chains, and padded leather bracelets.

Custom Stable Supplies

Personalize your stalls from the Show Grounds, to the Race Track and even your very own Barn! We will personally work with you to design your custom items so you can stand out among the crowd!


We offer a broad selection of horse related brass and chrome engraving options made with our State-of-the-Art Rotary Engraving Machines. We use a unique combination of handcrafted artisanship, cutting-edge design technology, and advanced production methodologies to give you a personalized and stunning engraved plate.


We offer a full range of embroidery services, and we can digitize your logo or design one for you as well, or choose from our collection of stock designs. We can embroider saddle pads, horse blankets, clothing, hats, bags, and we also carry a full line of merchandise available to choose from! You can also bring in your own items for embroidery! (Please note that Embroidery Prices are calculated based on purchasing your items from Tack Shack. See the Embroidery Department for pricing on any items not purchased at Tack Shack. If you have a logo you would like embroidered, send it over to for Digitization. We will keep your logo on file for any future orders!

Tack Repair

We offer a wide selection of Tack repair options, all done on-site by our team of experienced leatherworkers. Bring in your broken, torn and damaged tack to our workshop. One of our shop staff will carefully examine your item and discuss the options available. If the item will require more repairs than it is worth, we’ll let you know!

Blanket Wash

At Tack Shack of Ocala, we offer many different services, including blanket wash and repair! Bring us your dirty, damaged blankets, or have them washed for storage when the Summer heat kicks in. Horse
blankets, as well as hoods, sheets, saddle pads, leg protection & fly masks are washed on-site. Services start at $12 for a basic wash. Give us a call at 352-873-3599 for repair estimates.

Custom Pet Supplies

We use the highest quality leather to make dog collars and leashes for your pup! Each dog collar is made from start to finish in our shop located in Ocala, Florida.

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