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Beat irritation from flies landing on your horse this summer with the Amigo® CamoFly Fly Sheet (No Fill) with a detachable neck cover. Embracing extensive research and inspired by the wild zebra's natural camouflage, the Amigo® CamoFly Fly Sheet's pattern will deter and confuse flies from landing on your horse. Not just a pretty pattern but stripes with a purpose!

Our bespoke monochromatic pattern helps camouflage your horse from annoying bugs and flies with layered black lines on a grey background, which create an optical illusion in a fly's eye. The pattern breaks up the horse's shape, leaving the fly confused and unable to figure out where to land.

In addition to the sheet’s unique print, the breathable close weave mesh offers 65% UV protection from the sun and drapes over your horse's neck and body, with overlapping protection around your horse's belly with three adjustable surcingles and Velcro closure for maximum protection from insects. Extra depth to the knees offers extended leg protection for your horse.

The detachable hood gives you a choice of breathable UV protection, and the lightweight mesh encourages optimum airflow to keep your horse comfortable in the summer months.

Inspired by wild zebras and created by Horseware® innovation for the ultimate protection from insects.

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