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The Blue Stem trail saddle is packed with features to make the ride even more enjoyable for you and your horse. This saddle offers a moderately supportive feel with a larger 13" swell and 4" cantle. The horn is specifically designed to be tall enough to use for saddle bags and stability, but short enough to easily lean down to duck under branches. The Ergonomic Balance Stirrups (EBS) feature a special cone at the neck of the stirrup which forces them to hang at an angle that reduces tension on the ankles and knees. If you have ever stepped out of the saddle and instantly gotten a shock of pain in your ankles and knees you can understand why having constant tension on those delicate joints is so painful. In addition to your comfortable knees and ankles, this saddle also features an impact foam seat that will cradle you for the whole ride.

Lifting heavy saddles is no longer a mandatory activity just to ride your horse. This saddle comes in under 30 lbs. The best part of this saddle is that we were able to cut back on the weight without cutting back on the features. This saddle comes with the Softee leather option which gives it that buttery broke-in leather feel straight out of the box. That mixed with our pre-turned fenders and EBS stirrups mean you won't ever have to put a broomstick in these stirrups. Additionally, it comes with 6 quality leather strings for you to tie off all your gear.

The Bluestem trail saddle comes with a premium quality Precision saddle tree, meaning it will have a 10-year warranty on the tree. Precision saddle trees are made with extreme attention to detail and guarantee the best quality on the market.

Every new saddle has been oiled and then finished with a protective finish, which means you don’t need to oil it for about six months. If you’re riding a lot in dry or variable weather conditions, you should oil it sooner. The protective finish is water-based so your leather can breathe, so do not use detergent-based, solvent, or harsh cleaning products. Rub the leather gently, and do not scrub vigorously with soap and water. 

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