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  • BEAUTIFUL AND CLEAR ENGRAVING- All of our plates are engraved right here in Ocala, FL! We want to make sure those plates are legible and long lasting. All of our plates are rotary engraved cutting in clear and deep lines so that your new plate is legible and can be seen from a far!
  • THICK AND DURABLE PLATES- All of our rectangular brass and chrome plates are thick and durable and made out of true brass material and are great for tougher items like halters and dog collars. Our fancy plates are made out of true brass but are a little bit thinner and are better for trophies, plaques and frames. The plastic 2x8 plate is great for office spaces and identification!

3/4 x 4.2- Halters 1"- Yearling-Mare Halters- Oversize Halters

5/8 x 3- Belts 1" wide and up- Dog Collars 1" wide and up

5/8 x 4- Halters 3/4"

1/2 x 3- Shanks/Leads- Neckstraps- Foal Halters- Girths- Dog Collars 1" wide and up

3/8 x 2- Short Twitch- Dog Collars 1/2 x 12" and smaller

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