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There are many different reasons why a horse may appear to have behavioral issues. It's hard for a horse to focus when nervous or stressed out. Horses that are easily stressed can act nervous, tense, spooky, inattentive, or reactive under saddle and may need additional support to help keep them relaxed. If you have a nervous horse, you've probably wondered if there was a way to take the edge off without using drugs. Help promote calmness and relaxation during training sessions, trail rides, trailering, or other stressful situations with Quietex II Focusing & Calming Pellets for Horses. This calming horse supplement is a trusted formula that contains a unique combination of seven stress-relieving ingredients - L-tryptophan, thiamine, inositol, riboflavin, magnesium, vitamin B6, and valerian root - that help to manage stress and nervous behavior without drugs or sedatives. It helps horses stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand and won't cause drowsiness or affect performance.

  • - Promotes calmness: Helps keep horses calm, composed, and relaxed in stressful situations
  • - Supports stress relief: Helps manage nervous behavior
  • - Helps maintain focus: Helps horses stay focused and allows the horse to concentrate on the task at hand
  • - Proven ingredients: Unique combination of 7 stress-relieving ingredients promotes calmness without drugs or sedatives
  • - Maintains alertness: Won't cause drowsiness or affect performance
  • - Ideal usage: Perfect for training sessions, trail rides, trailering, competitions, or other situations where horse becomes nervous. (Check with your association for testing rules and regulations)
  • - Great for daily use: Palatable, easy-to-give mini-pellets mix in easily with your horse's daily grain ration
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